In harmony with the system

With the increase in rotor diameter and hub height, a stiff tower design where the eigenfrequency lies above the rotor speed is often no longer the most economically viable solution. Instead, a soft tower design where the eigenfrequency crosses the rotor speeds during operation allows to save a lot of steel mass.

The make use of this benefit, the turbine controller must avoid resonant vibrations. With a fitting controller strategy, we can find an optimum eigenfrequency at which the fatigue stresses are minimized, maximizing material and cost savings.

Nico Göbel
Structural Engineering
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • parameter study to find the optimum structural dynamics of the tower regarding fatigue loads
  • modification of the control strategy of the turbine to avoid resonances
  • verification of the control strategies by load simulations
  • adaptation of the controller strategy on the turbine hardware and tests in cooperation with renowned partners in the wind industry
  • iterative optimization of the tower with load simulation and structural analysis
  • design solutions to further reduce vibrations such as dampers