Lattice Tower

Better than its reputation

Lattice towers are not widespread but a good solution for wind turbines with large hub heights and special logistic boundary conditions. Compared to tubular steel towers, at large hub heights, significant savings in steel mass are possible. At the same time, the modular structure can be transported easily and the use of standard steel profiles allows for sourcing anywhere in the world. We guarantee that all connections are reliable and as low-maintenance as possible. Loosened bolts will not be found in our towers.

Lattice towers are not only of interest when carrying large rotors. Using lattice towers, we also bring radar and transmitter stations into great heights.

Christian Elberg
Structural Engineering
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • design and analysis of lattice towers for wind turbines or other applications
  • innovative design solutions and design methods for economic tower designs
  • consideration of the exact structure in the load simulation of the wind turbine
  • solutions validated in the field that be securely bring through certification
  • consulting for the maintenance concep