Concrete Tower

When swiftness is key

Concrete towers often offer logistical advantages over tubular steel towers. Large tower diameters can be realized because they are not limited by transport restrictions when the tower is erected piece by piece on site. The time required for assembly of the segments and the erection of the tower on site is a significant cost factor. We can minimize the construction period on site by employing smart concepts for the connection of the individual element. In addition, all the advantages we offer in the design of tubular steel towers take full effect for the upper steel sections of the concrete tower.

Michael Böttger
Structural Engineering
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • design and analysis of concrete and concrete hybrid towers
  • innovative erection concepts to minimize the construction period
  • the entire execution planning, including formwork and reinforcement plans as well as specifications for transport, handling and erection
  • assembly monitoring