We aim high!

With the increase in size of modern wind turbines, the importance of the tower for the costs of the turbine grows as well. At the same time, modern turbine design concepts require a lot of performance from the tower. How can we meet these requirements and still further decrease tower costs? In our history, we have designed all conceivable tower concepts and are constantly required to find creative solutions and to break new ground. This is why our customers can benefit from our experience today.


Katja Behler
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • design of all tower variants from pre-design to certification
  • innovative design solutions for optimization and cost reduction
  • selection of a fitting tower variant for the turbine and the site, e. g. tubular steel, lattice, concrete, hybrid towers and many more
  • application of state-of-the-art design methods from steel and concrete construction as well as mechanical engineering
  • we comprehend the entire turbine system, are also proficient in the load simulation and can offer fitting control strategies for each tower concept
  • we gladly provide the design of the foundation and the interface to the tower as well