Load Simulation

At the heart of hevelopment

A wind turbine has to be cost efficient and at the same time bring maximum performance. This can only be achieved when all system components work together perfectly harmonious. If we want to optimize an individual component such as the tower, other parts of the turbine will be affected by this change, such as the controller. We use the simulation to verify design improvements directly in our design processes so we can reduce interfaces in the project. Of course, our simulations also yield all loads and system parameters required for the design of a component or the certification of the turbine.

Depending on the complexity of the problem, we work with different simulation programs. Using MSC.ADAMS, we have all freedoms in modelling the wind turbine. The integration of physical models or control systems with full coupling during run time is no problem.

Matthias Saathoff
Load Simulation & Life Time Extension
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • load simulation for the certification according to recognized standards, e. g. IEC or DNVGL
  • detailed analyses of subsystems of the turbine by multi-body simulation
  • simulation of exotic turbine configurations by completely free possibilities of modelling systems
  • representation of all possible tower and foundation structures (e. g. lattice or guy-wired towers as well as any offshore foundation) as flexible bodies
  • simulation of offshore wind turbines and floating wind turbines
  • load simulation as part of development projects, e. g. in the optimization of controller strategies for high towers

Offshore load simulation for assessment of a substructure concept, occurrence of a 50-year wave

Simulation of the extreme load situation DLC 1.4 (IEC), exaggerated displacements (3 MW, hub height ca. 160 m)

Dynamic evaluation of a rotor blade and the tip displacement