Slewing Rings

Reliability and transparence

The slewing rings in a wind turbine, especially the pitch bearings, are subjected to enormous loads that lead not only to material fatigue, but also to wear. We observe problems in the field that create the need for greater clarity about the reliability of slewing rings. In the context of testing and certification, we provide this clarity as an independent third party between the manufacturer of wind turbines and the supplier of the component. Our methods encompass the application of numerical methods as well as validation with tests.

Thomas Gebauer
Mechanical Engineering
+49 (0) 421 24 406 608

What benefits do we offer you?

  • progressive numerical methods for the calculation of the service life
  • prediction of failure modes in the bearing, e. g. material fatigue or wear
  • design optimization regarding reliability based on our calculations
  • close cooperation with partners in industry and science to continuously improve our models
  • specification of tests for validation of the component
  • project management and mediation between customer and supplier
  • we securely bring the design through certification

Pitch bearing under load (time series from simulation)

Contact angle distribution as a result of load time series