Turbine Design

Farsight and attention to detail

In the nacelle and the rotor of wind turbines, a plethora of materials, connection elements and structural and machinery components are employed. For the design and analysis of the components and the resulting system, a broad spectrum of technical know-how is required. As an interdisciplinary team of civil and mechanical engineers, we can dynamically approach all challenges we are faced in this complex development environment.

Lorenz Meesenburg
+49 (0) 421 6850 951

What benefits do we offer you?

  • conceptual design and consulting in the design of entire wind turbines
  • analysis components according to current standards and guidelines, be it for cast or welded components or bolted connections
  • design of structural components
  • we find potentials for optimization and actively suggest design solutions and improvements
  • we also offer the load simulation and can tune the controller to the rest of the design
  • we securely bring the design through certification