Fun Rides

We have fun - but safely!

All of us were thrilled by amusement rides thrilled at one point. For some, it is all about the adrenaline rush in the wildest roller coasters, the others get carried away into strange worlds by multimedia attractions. At the same time, we trust in the diligence and aptitude of the engineers that make these machines possible, but also safe to use. To meet these expectations, we do not only require a lot of expertise in design and analysis, but also interdisciplinary thinking, creativity and good project management, because every amusement ride is an entirely new challenge for the designer.

Lorenz Meesenburg
+49 (0)421 24 406 601

What benefits do we offer you?

  • the entire spectrum of engineering services in structural design and simulation, from the feasibility study up to certification
  • an interdisciplinary team, creative solutions and an eye for optimization potentials
  • a smooth certification process and a certain certification anywhere in the world (e. g. according to EN 13814, GB 8408 or ASTM F2291)