Full control at maximum flexibility

The requirements for the simulation of wind turbines increase constantly. On the one hand, turbine components become bigger and on the other hand, functions of the control and safety system become more complex. This is why we developed our software PE-Load that allows us to approach these requirements flexibly and comfortably.

The great flexibility and savings in effort do however not only help us in our projects but we offer the advantages of PE-Load to our customers as well. PE-Load comes with a clean and intuitive GUI that simplifies access to the workflow without restricting the freedoms of the user in setting up the load simulation.

Matthias Saathoff
Load Simulation & Life Time Extension
+49 (0) 421 24 406 606

In the preprocessing, PE-Load Prep lets us

  • define load cases with parameter sets (e. g. wind field generation, mechanical model or controller)
  • integrate any simulation program (e. g. GH Bladed, FAST, Flex5, Simpack, …) into the workflow
  • define for all load cases completely freely what should happen in each simulation
  • save templates of parameter sets for later use (e.g. for a controller)
  • automatically find reasonable initial conditions for each simulation
  • compute multiple simulation jobs parallelly and in a queue, also possible in network
  • reuse already generated wind fields in other simulations

In the postprocessing, PE-Load Post lets us

  • freely select from available sensors and jobs which ones to evaluate and how
  • keep or replace already existing results or interim results when repeating an analysis
  • flexibly define frequency distributions for fatigue load cases
  • run multiple computations parallelly to save time
  • use tools for diagnosis for quick sanity checks and verification

PE-Load Prep

PE-Load Post