Relief for the tower shell

Weld bushings are an economical solution for attachment of tower internals to the tower shell. However, the weld bushings usually have a negative impact on the fatigue strength of the tower shell because of the poor design category, in turn making higher shell thicknesses necessary. Even worse: in reality, the design categories are even poorer than assumed in the recognized standards.

We have designed an innovative but simple solution to design weld bushings in a manner that they affect the tower shell as little as possible. Out patented solution PE-90 is named after its main advantage: we achieve Design Category 90 or better for the tower shell. This saves many tons of material in the tower compared with conventional weld bushings.

Prof. Dr. Holger Lange
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What benefits do we offer you?

  • reduced cross section of the weld bushing at the interface to the tower shell
  • locally reduced stiffness increases the fatigue strength of the tower shell
  • Design Category 90 can be demonstrated for different geometries
  • we find the optimal arrangement of weld bushings to sustain large static loads without impairing the design category
  • the stress analysis to verify Design Category 90 is certifiable